Technique of the Week: The Suitcase Carry

Carrying variations have risen in popularity in the fitness industry over the last decade as “Strongman” style training continues to influence strength training. The most basic of these lifts is the Farmer Carry, which is, simply put, walking with dumbbells by your side.

Today, I’ll on touch on the Suitcase Carry – otherwise known as the One Armed Carry. You could even call it the Briefcase Carry. Could probably keep going on that, but I’ll quit it there.

Get good and strong with these and you’ll quickly realize how much carrying you do in your daily life where you’ve got all the weight on one side and none (or much less) on the other. This exercise makes those situations much easier.

This makes it one of the best core exercises you aren’t doing.

If you’ve seen a side plank before, it’s like a side plank on steroids.¬†Although many muscles are functioning as you do this exercise properly, the one you may be most focused on are the oblique muscles that sit beside your abs. The obliques on the opposite side to the hand you have the dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell or toddler in.

The keys are to stay tall and use those muscles to resist the weight pulling you over. Walk with good posture, don’t shuffle your feet and I also like trainees to lift the weight off of their hip with a slight bend at the elbow.

Heavy walks range from 20-40 feet and longer walks can go from 60-100 feet or beyond that.

Here’s the vid.

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