Exercise of the Week: The Kettlebell Swing

Without question, one of the biggest movements the fitness industry has seen over the last decade is the growth in popularity of the kettlebell. Those balls with a handle you’re now seeing more of in every gym you walk into are here to stay – for good reason too, they can be a really a nice tool.

The kettlebell swing is one of the signature exercises under the kettlebell umbrella. It’s also a really good one. Used to develop lean muscle that will shape up your hamstrings and glutes predominantly – it’s also a great move for athletic power.

Although a great exercise, it’s also a fairly advanced one and I typically don’t teach trainees the swing until they a certain level of comfort with variations of the deadlift. The movements are pretty well the same, just the swing is a rapid explosive movement with a lighter weight and the deadlifts usually involve heavier weights moved at less rapid speeds.

Naturally, you should learn the explosive movement second.

Pay close attention to the several nuances and get to work. However, if you haven’t yet learned to deadlift, try here, here, or here first.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.





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