Exercise of the Week: The Yoga Plex

This week I’m coming at you from a different angle — not the usual barbell and dumbbell stuff you might expect.

As a trainer I’ve been asked many times before what I think about yoga. I think it’s great – so great, in fact, that I steal from them unapologetically and place their stuff – like this concoction of yogi-ness – in warmups, between sets and after lifts. Sometimes just as some sort of morning routine.

To be clear, I didn’t come up with this one, nor did I name it. Someday I’ll come up with my own stuff.


In this move, you’ll see it helps get you big time mobility at the hips, shoulders and upper back. Literally the places most people need it the most.

How to get it right:

In Downward Dog Position:

  • Reach into the ground to push your shoulders away from the ground
  • Try and get your arms to ear level — if that’s easy for you, avoid going passed that

The Long Step:

  • Aim to place your foot just outside your hand
  • Drop your back knee right over the ground
  • Aim to get your knees as far as you can from each other
  • Don’t slouch, get tall!

The Arm Circle:

  • Make a big circle with your arm but focus on rotating through your upper back, not just your shoulder
  • Follow your hand with your eyes

Try it out! 3-4 sets at 4-6 reps/side works great. And don’t worry if it feels tough or you can’t even get all the way with the step at first — I often see people surprise themselves. Just take it slow and feel the movement.

Send me any questions on this one anytime you like.


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